Web Design Process & Methodology

Excellence is a continuous process. A successful site (especially a Small Business or Corporate responsive website design) begins by carefully planning a rewarding user experience.

We make a website with very easy understandable language with a more pictorial view which helps and able to easily understand by normal viewer also even those have the little English knowledge and other language persons.

At MC Calgary Ltd, we use an iterative approach to project management, which breaks down large projects into smaller components thereby simplifying the task. We are committed to providing process transparency and high-quality products to our customers within the confines of their budget and schedules.

We, at MC Calgary Ltd, have extensive experience in Website design in Calgary, Website redesign Calgary, Web-based applications in Calgary, complex back office applications, and Legacy migrations, Product Engineering and Enterprise - wide IT outsourcing management solutions. We have a strong team of designers and architects working on different projects or as per demands of the client's project requirements.

How We Followed the Web Designing Projects:

  1. Determine Your Websites Purpose
  2. Divide Your Website into Logical Section
  3. Develop a Site Navigation System
  4. Give Your Website an Attractive 'Look and Feel'
  5. Get the Design Approved by you
  6. Build Basic WebpageTemplate
  7. Construct Your Website to be Search Engine Friendly
  8. Incorporated Customer Communication Systems
  9. Create & test EffectiveSales Pages
  10. Conduct Usability Trials & Incorporate Changes

A Generic Model Of Website Design

Evaluation occurs at every stage of the process. Similar types of evaluation can occur at different stages of the website design process to keep in mind the goals of the project and the users’ needs. And if it comes down to a choice, reduce the scope of the project rather than the usability.

Value Added Service

  1. Here’s what MC Calgary web designing team would do for your business
  2. Work with you on a website design that matches your company's image
  3. Create a unique website design that is pleasing view websites and easy to navigate
  4. Strike a balance between good-quality images and fast download time
  5. Ensure that anyone viewing your site will be able to see the site correctly, no matter what web browser is being used, no matter what size monitor they have
  6. Ensure that your website design looks good at any resolution
  7. Get your website ranked high with search engines AND MAINTAIN a high ranking with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  8. Offer affordable website hosting in Calgary and Canada and Domain Name Register

Skill Set We Have / Technology Used:

  • Responsive WEB Designing
  • PHP 
  • Photoshop
  • CorelDraw
  • WordPress
  • Joomla
  • ASP .Net 
  • CSS
  • JQuery